Orpheus Full Face Mask Jr

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Theirs is nothing quite like the magic entering the marine swimming with the fish. See more of the aquatic playground in total comfort with the Land and Sea Orpheus Full Face Mask and Snorkel for sale now.

Brilliant for beginners and advanced snorkellers, the kids and the grownups. The Land and Sea Orpheus Full Face Mask and Snorkel provides a 180-degree view and a fully integrated snorkel. The Orpheus is easy to use and promotes confidence for those that get a little nervous when swimming with the fish or using standard masks and snorkels.

The dry tip snorkel design helps to prevent water from entering the snorkel when you go underwater which is a brilliant feature for beginners. The non-allergenic silicone skirt is super comfortable and a blessing for those with silicone allergies.

Mask fogging is a regular issue when snorkelling, but not with the anti-fog design Orpheus. Another clever comfort inclusion such is the purge valve which allows the snorkeler to remove any water that may enter the mask easily should it enter — a tricky task with standard face masks.

The most significant benefits of the Land and Sea Orpheus Full Face Mask and Snorkel is that it is so easy to use and amazingly comfortable. With the Orpheus, you won't have to struggle to make continues adjustments to the snorkel position and straps. Without any of the modifications required for regular snorkelling kit, you can enjoy a carefree adventure into the magical underwater world of our diverse marine flora and fauna.